Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girl Next Door

I've been oblivious to somethings, such as women liking me. I'm just going to come right out and say it. Clueless! It happens to all of us. That in itslef is not entirely my fault. All of us put people in a certain category or even so the other person hides their feelings about the person they like.

Take it back some years, I moved back into North Carolina from Texas and into a new neighborhood. Now I was in 5th grade at the time so I was enjoying life and doing boy things. I was interested in girls but not to the point where sex was on my mind, unlike some friends I know.

So my neighbors, (SN: if you read one of my previous posts, the same one that had a rifle pointed at me from the window while I was having sex in my backyard) had granddaughters that lived with them. The yougest was about my age. Nice family, a bit old fashioned but expected since the grandparents were raising them.

So I would go over to their house, because my father would send me to ask questions or get something. As soon as I would step foot in the yard, the girls had to go into the house. Now at about 10 or 11 years old I thought nothing about that. Although I found it a bit strange. I knew I didn't have the cooties.

We are now out of elementary school going into Jr. High, which is called middle school now, so I've got friends coming over, I'm walking to various neighborhoods, I'm going to friends houses to play video games all this being said is with a little more freedom. So still not thinking about anything I went next door to visit let's call her Felicia. She wouldn't go back in the house when I showed up. So we could play and talk. She was still at that stage where hitting boys meant you liked them. Did I know that? Noooooo. It was fun none the less.

High School: Awwwwww Shit! Growing up, smelling my piss, bad! Now I left out a couple of things. 1. during the time as neighbors the girl Felicia got picked on because of her skin complexion. Now being a cruel child yes I laughed and joined in the reindeer games when she wasn't in my presences. I got to know her and the issues she was going through. My dad told me, "You need to quit picking on her because when she grows up, you will be looking at her a lot differently." So I took his advice and cut out all the immaturity.

Shortly after my father passed away, we found a house in a new neighborhood and began to pack everything up. One day while packing my mother went on and I was left at the soon to be vacant house, I heard Felicia call my name. So I go over to her and she asks me all these questions about where I was going and etc. Finally she says to me, "You know I like you?"  I was floored! Like I said OBLIVIOUS! So I ask her, "Why would you wait until now?" "Well you know how things were at school. I just didn't have the confidence plus the issue with my grandparents pertaining to me dating." So I had to ask the question, "So what happened between me and your friend didn't matter?" She said, "I didn't care. It made me want to talk to you more!"

So all this time I never knew. Sometimes there is someone paying you some attention that you don't even know.

"Think beyond the confines of your own world!"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's been a long time

I haven't touched this blog in quite some time. I'm still breathing. LOL There has been changes in my life but the stories haven't stopped! New things in 2012 coming soon!