Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love 'em Tolerate 'em Women

I had a blog challenge put to do one about what I like about women and what I don't like. I love the ladies! There are things good and bad. The funny thing is that with all of the bad we consider that women have there are other things that we love for them. Since there are so many things both ways and I have been super busy, I'll let the video below tell it.

Thanks for watching the Vlog!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kick the Bucket!!!

Okay okay okay. I'm late. Not Superman style to be late. Off saving Metropolis has kept me busy.

My bucket list:

1. Get to Hawaii
I just read and hear so much about that place. Nothing but sun clear blue water and some stuff I don't see in the 48 here!

2. Go Diving!! This is sky/deep sea
Hey there are just somethings I want to do! I would love to see some sea turtles or whales up close. So far as sky I would love that rush. To really fly.

3. Get a trophy......
Now that depends on what I mean. We've gotten trophies from sports or some other event. I'm wanting something like an Oscar or BET Award. But hopefully it's not for some project that I'd rather watch paint dry than be interested in the project.

4. Grand-kids......
This one is soft spot for me because my father died before my kids were born.

5. A son
I love my daughter but I would love to have a son to carry on the name as well as pass it on.

If anything the major thing on my bucket list that I've constantly worked on is to not die alone, without friends or family.

I'm not a saint by no means when it comes to keeping a lady for the long haul. I've had good and I've had bad so as life goes on hopefully this changes.

"Sometimes the journey is better than the destination!"