Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy yet Difficult

Today is or would have been my father's birthday. He died back in 1997 before he saw his 40th. 14 years is a long time and you think that some people heal from that. You do but there is still some scarring left. No amount of Maderma or Cocoa Butter will totally erase that pain. His granddaughter was not born yet but yet so much of him is present in her. So for everyone who has a father cherish every moment you have with him. Even if he has never been in your life, hard and as it is to accept, he is still apart of you. You might have resentment towards that person but also remember sometimes you have to look in the mirror to see that same person you don't like. I loved my father all 19 years that we had together, the good, the bad and the ugly. There are somethings we can't escape because of genetics. You never know what you had until it's gone. So don't wait until he's gone from this Earth to want to or get to know him, because in a way he know you.


  1. I have a question... How do you Love someone you never set eyes on? Someone that left you before you were even born? I'm a little nutural when you say love your father.

  2. You love GOD yet you've never set eyes on him (if that is what you believe in) I understand where you are coming from. I never said to love that person just get to know them. I know I loved my father and he was around.