Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eyes from the Past

Here it is, February 1, 2011. Thirteen days before Valentine's day, if people haven't started preparing things for Feb. 14, they soon will be on move.

Now on to my question, which has a story to it: Several months ago I was out shopping for something, I forgot what it was, it's not important to the story. So anyway I went into a bargin store in search for an item. As I was leaving, since the store did have what I was looking for, I ran into a lady from my old neighborhood. She was looking good as usual, she is a couple of years older than me, let's call her Anita. (Not her real name obviously) She was out with her male friend (he looked to be more than that) and I spoke to her and she introduced us.

Now when we were younger I wanted to go out with this person but it never happened, so I'll leave it at that. We we did talk somethings were kind of personal but the relationship didn't go anywhere sexually either.

So back to the store situation, first of all the guy she was with looked like he could be my relative (how scary is that?). Reason for the title of the blog is how she looked at me while her friend was there. It was like maybe we could've seen what would have happened behind closed doors since I wasn't a little boy any more. Or since I'm a guy I could have been mistaken in my thoughts, who knows but her right?

All that being said, put yourself in either person's shoes.  What would you do or how would you react if you were:

A) The "Friend" and you notice the person you were (in maybe more than a friendship relationship) with giving a seductive look to someone from your partner's past,

B) The Past Friend who received the look: would you get their information and try to hook up later or leave it alone,

C) The Eyes from the Past: would you make sure it happened between you and the Past Friend regardless of the feeling of your "Friend" you are currently with?

No one is married in this situation. Answer either one in comment section.

For me I've seen this person again but only said Hello.

Think about if that situation came up on or just before Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
13 days left!

I would like to do these questions on video but I would need some actors. Leave me a note in the comment field as well.

Tomorrow's Blog: I get to choose!

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