Thursday, February 3, 2011


The countdown continues! It is February 3, 2011. Eleven day left, that is a week and 4 days. Wow funny how time flies when you are making preparations for love or lust depending on the situation.

I know people are wondering what this acronym means but after I tell you the situation you might get it.

Here is the scenario: Dick and Jane have been dating for quite a while. Dick is getting a little smothered by Jane. Dick needs some space. (I know it sounds funny & us men know Dick sometimes needs some space, sometimes some new space) Needless to say Jane is not happy with this decision but agrees to give Dick his space. So they separate for a couple of months. During this time both Dick & Jane see other people but nothing serious.

Dick leaves town to see Kat. Dick & Kat have fun during the time that he & Jane are separated. Well one afternoon Dick & Kat finished an exhausting sexcapade and Dick gets a phone call from Jane. She needs him to come over to her house. Jane never says what is wrong she was very adamant about him being over at her house. Dick leaves soon after he hangs up the phone.

Dick arrives at Jane's. "Are you sleeping with someone else?", Jane asks Dick. He denies it of course. "Well sleep with me!" Jane commands. Dick does Jane and after he beats, he skeets! Now the force and distance of the ejaculation pleases Jane. "I just wanted to be sure." Dick blows a sigh of relief. So after that was over he retreats back to his place.

So here is the question:  What jacked schemes have you tried to find out if your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife (only on the blog can you be anonymous) have been cheating on you?  Leave your comments down below.

Think about if that situation came up on or just before Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
11 days left!

I would like to do these questions on video but I would need some actors. Leave me a note in the comment field as well.

Tomorrow's Blog: Sex at GunPoint

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