Friday, February 4, 2011

Sex at GunPoint

February 4, 2011 Valentine's Day ten days away. I'm going to take a break from the weekend blogging.

So if you are even interested in this question: Have you ever had a gun pointed at you during an intimate moment?
You might say that if you have then you are glad to still be here on this Earth.

Sometimes you do dumb stuff to get a nut not knowing if it'll be your last, then some of us the thrill of getting caught or seen makes it all the better!

Let's set this stage, twice!

1. One night after coming home Devin (yes me) and his girlfriend were really in the mood. At this time I was still in high school staying with my parents. My girlfriend was 4 years older than me let's call her Char. She got me harder than trying to do Calculus with an Abacus. So we couldn't go in my folks house to do the do. We didn't want to be in my car because it was on the street almost under a street light. So we made the "adult" decision to go in the back. We tried to be as quiet as possible. After the sex was over I took her home.

Next morning after I got up my father wanted to talk to me. "You thought you were being slick last night by going around to the back." my father says. I'm thinking he saw me, but I had to play dumb. That wasn't working! "What you don't know is that our neighbor had a rifle pointed down at you from his window." My eyes got big. "We look out for each other as neighbors, you almost lost your life getting some pussy!" Yes my dad said that!

2) This story is not about me but it is unbelievable. (Wish I could have done a re-enactment on video) This story came from a reliable source. Tammy(not her real name) is married but she is unfaithful. So one night at her house, she is having sex with her lover. Obviously it must have been good because a sound of a gun's hammer being pulled back is the next thing Tammy and her lover heard. Both of them freeze. Tammy's husband was behind her lover with a gun pointed at the lover's head. Now the words that came out of the husband's mouth is just as powerful as the situation. "If you stop fucking, I'll kill ya!"

Now talk about a predicament!

Question: Have you ever had a gun pointed at you during an intimate moment?
So far as the second story what would you do men and women? Leave your comments down below either on Facebook or on the blog!

Think about if that situation came up on or just before Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
10 days left!

I would like to do these questions on video but I would need some actors. (That second story I might do it anyway) Leave me a note in the comment field as well.

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