Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Musical Clothes!

February 8, 2011

Six days and counting!  Tick, tick, tick, tick!  People are hopefully getting that reservation to the restaurant of their choice, their gifts, chocolates, hotels, flowers and etc.!  Me I'm just waiting to get paid on the 11th! My company's Valentine's Gift to me! LOL! I'll do something nice for my girlfriend, what it is? I won't tell you!

And now on to the question for today: Have you ever tried to put your clothes while someone is taking your clothes off?

This is a little crazy but I brought this one on myself.

So I was seeing this woman, let's call her Nikki. Well I broke off our relationship because something I felt things weren't right. I went over to her place to sit with her but she had other plans. Like I said I brought this on myself. Well as we sat there she wanted to have sex. I refused. She started to kiss me in my hot spots, so I got up from the couch. She began to lift up my shirt, I pulled it back down. She grabbed my belt to loosen it. I went to stop her so she pulled my shirt over my head. I pull my shirt back down so she had loosened my belt and started to undo my pants! I grabbed my pants and she got my shirt up. She licked on me for a sec. I got into it but I regained my senses. I pulled my shirt back down but she had my pants unbuttoned. I had to grab my pants and backed away from her!

The both of us were huffing and puffing. We looked at each other. I left. Now I was told it was my fault walking into the lion's den with the hungry lion and not expect to get attacked! Lesson learned unless I want to get attacked! LOL

So have you ever been attacked and not in the horrifying rape manner (unless you are into that sort of role play), to keep your clothes on while they are being taken off?

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Think about if that situation came up on or just before Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
6 days left!

I would like to do these questions on video but I would need some actors. Leave me a note in the comment field as well.

Tomorrow's Blog: They weren't as good as.....

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